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For Rent
$ 1500/mo

3 bd / 2 ba / 1100 Sq Ft

For Sale
$ 175,000

4 bd / 3 ba / 2700 Sq Ft

For Rent
$ 2000/mo

3 bd / 3 ba / 1450 Sq Ft

For Sale
$ 138,000

3 bd / 2 ba / 1100 Sq Ft

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Property Agency and Management makes searching easy.

Property Agency and Management offers comprehensive property management, development and agency services in Kampala and its suburbs.

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For Rent
$ 5235/mo

Offices: 20 / Baths: 6 / Sq Ft: 10450 

For Rent
$ 1100/mo

Bedrooms: 3 / Baths: 2 / Sq Ft: 1450 

For Rent
$ 1600/mo

Bedrooms: 2 / Baths: 1 / Sq Ft: 450 

For Sale
$ 89,500

Bedrooms: 1 / Baths: 1 / Sq Ft: 150 

For Rent
$ 1300/mo

Bedrooms: 2 / Baths: 2 / Sq Ft: 725

For Rent
$ 1235/mo

Bedrooms: 3 / Baths: 2 / Sq Ft: 1450 

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All our apartments are comfortably liveable with timeless style and enduring appeal


All our commercial spaces come with rare opportunity and perfect location for you to grow your business


Our office spaces come with modern finishing and convenience for all your business needs


"Our dynamic educational programs are structured to help you get the most out of your resident feedback program. The education programs will help you understand and take the necessary actions to improve resident satisfaction based on actual feedback."
"Providing year-round and annual resident feedback programs, as well as unrivaled educational and consulting support, SatisFacts helps clients improve satisfaction and retention rates, which has clear bottom line implications due to the high cost of turnover and being able to achieve higher renewal rent increases..”
“The starting point for managing one's online reputation is managing the resident experience. Insite©, a 365 day/year, 24/7 survey program, gathers resident feedback at critical events such as move-in, after service requests are completed, before lease expiration as well as after prospective residents visit a community.”